Chicken Thigh Grinds


The Dog Grocer Raw Chicken Thigh Grinds use human grade, hormone free and antibiotic free chicken. The removal of bones and the use of chicken thigh cuts instead of chicken breast ensure lowered phosphorus levels – catered as a foundation meal for pets with renal issues. Eggshell powder (for calcium) and other necessary supplements (eg. phosphorus binders, omega-3s etc) to be added for a balanced, targeted diet. Chicken thigh boneless grinds are also suitable for cooking.

Packed into small 25g balls for convenient portioning and feeding. For pets on varied protein diets, small portions allow convenient mixing of protein types. Balanced with organic kelp powder for iodine.

1kg, packed into approximately 25g x 40 balls

Chicken Thigh, Chicken Heart, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Liver (5%), Organic Kelp Powder

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