Freeze Dried Pork Eyeballs Pack


Current batch of pork eyeballs that has best before dates dated in March 2023. 
Products are still good to feed even after Best Before date, especially for freeze dried products.You can also store them in the freezer to prolong its shelf life.

Sold in bags of 5 pieces (or multiples) online, or in bulk/ scoop-as-you-like in store.

  • A highly prize secreting organ that is freeze dried to perfection
  • 100% digestible
  • ZERO flour, additives or preservatives
  • Made locally in AVS licensed kitchen
  • Cleaned and sanitised with ozone

Pork Eyeball

All treats and chews do not contain any additives, chemicals or artificial flavouring.

Storage and handling: Recommended to transfer in air tight container and store in freezer. Best consumed within 4 months from date of manufacture.

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