Gelato Moonkek


The Dog Grocer’s Gelato Moonkeks are churned using an ice cream machine to get a smooth, velvety texture for that luscious mouthfeel. After extensive R&D, we finally found the right balance to bring you a moonkek that is perfect in sweetness, creaminess, high in protein with a dash of fiber. The Dog Grocer is very proud to present to you, the world’s first dog gelato moonkek.

This is a set of 2 Gelato Moonkeks consisting of one of each of the following flavours:


  1. Creamy Coconut Pork: Coconut Milk, Zucchini, Pork Broth, Organic Honey, Turmeric
  2. Nutty Black Sesame Duck: Black Sesame, Zucchini, Goatmilk, Duck Broth, Organic Honey, Turmeric

Self Collection during Shop Opening Hour only. Please make sure you bring a small cooler bag and ALOT of ice packs to keep your moonkeks in perfect condition for travelling in this unpredictable weather.

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