Dog Mooncake 2021 (Preorder)


Jelly Mooncakes Preorder

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with dog-safe and cat-safe mooncakes. Made bite-sized and suitable for both dogs and cats, The Dog Grocer‘s jelly mooncakes are potato free, flour free, colouring free and preservatives free!

Made with goat milk and agar (red algae), these 50g bite-sized mooncakes come in 4 unique flavours and are great for gifting!


Red Date Pork Jelly Mooncake, 50g
Lean pork tenderloin, naturally sweetened with Chinese red dates.
Ingredients: Pork Tenderloin, Chinese Red Date, Goat Milk, Agar (Red Algae)

Squid Ink and Cod Jelly Mooncake, 50g
Wild caught Atlantic Cod filling, encased in squid ink jelly.
Ingredients: Atlantic Cod, Goat Milk, Squid Ink, Agar (Red Algae)

‘Chocolate’ Coconut Cream Jelly Mooncake, 50g
Pet-safe ‘chocolate’ jelly with coconut cream, inspired by chocolate lava mooncakes.
Ingredients: Carob, Coconut Milk, Goat Milk, Agar (Red Algae)

Durian Pengat Jelly Mooncake, 50g
Durian puree and coconut milk, in pandan agar.
Ingredients: Durian, Coconut Milk, Goat Milk, Pandan, Agar (Red Algae)


Preorder your mooncakes, while stocks last!

Do note that mooncake designs are at random. Set of 4 assorted flavours come in a box that is great for gifting, for repurposing or returned to TDG to be reused for future courier orders!

Only available via self-collection at 7D Crane Road at opening hours, 12pm – 7pm. Do indicate your self-collection date at check-out. Alternatively, you may arrange your own courier service to pick up your order.

To be stored in fridge and best consumed within 3 days.

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