Studio Ollie Multi Snuffle Jelly Beans


“Jelly beans, jelly beans are fun to eat. Share them with the friends you meet…”

Calling all jelly bean lovers! Before you gobble up a handful of jelly beans the next time, do you know it can take up to 21 days to make a single jelly bean? Yup, you heard us right.

Like jelly beans, this unique multi-snuffle jelly beans nose work toy is just as precious. This latest addition has a unique snuffle design that is exclusive to Studio Ollie Paris. This nose work toy comes with a whopping total of 12 snuffle jelly beans, strung onto two cotton straps. Which your pup’s favourite jelly bean flavour?

– Two attached snuffle belts with 12 nose work pockets for hiding treats
– Great snuffle and rustle toy for snuffle enthusiasts
– Recommended for small dogs, medium size dogs and gentle giants

Product measurements
18cm x 20cm x 3cm

Pair with The Dog Grocer’s snuffle trail mix (available in Pork, Beef and Duck) for an engaging and yummy activity.

Product measurements
18cm x 20cm x 3cm


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