Studio Ollie Multi Snuffle Potato Chips


Ever wonder why we can never stop at one potato chip or even a handful? That’s because the salt triggers the release of dopamine (the “happy hormone”) at the first crunch.

This Multi-Snuffle Potato Chips will give your dog the same happy feeling at first sniff! Except it’s not the salt that makes your pup happy but rather, it is the snuffling process. A unique snuffle design that is exclusive to Studio Ollie Paris, this multi-snuffle toy has a whopping total of 12 snuffle pockets, strung onto two cotton straps. Fill up the packet of potato chips with treats in all the snuffle pockets and pass it over to your pup, will you?

– Two roll-out snuffle belts with 12 nose work pockets for hiding treats
– Great snuffle and rustle toy for snuffle enthusiasts
– Recommended for small dogs, medium size dogs and gentle giants

Pair with The Dog Grocer’s snuffle trail mix (available in Pork, Beef and Duck) for an engaging and yummy activity.

Product measurements
18cm x 20cm x 3cm


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