Bull Pizzle (Whole) – Freeze Dried


Price per piece. Each pizzle is about 17-19cm long and are at least twice the thickness in girth as compared to Freeze Dried Bull Pizzle (Half).

  • Freeze Dried Bull Pizzle are slightly softer and chewier than the Air Dried version
  • Suitable for older dogs, lazy chewers who prefer a softer mouthfeel, dogs with dental issues
  • 100% digestible muscle/sinew
  • While ideal as a natural chew, do note that all chews should be given with supervision
  • ZERO flour, additives or preservatives
  • Made locally in AVS licensed kitchen
  • Cleaned and sanitised with ozone

Grass-Fed Bull Pizzle

All treats and chews do not contain any additives, chemicals or artificial flavouring.

Storage and handling: Recommended to transfer in air tight container and store in freezer. Consume before best before date stated on packaging.

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